Kaua‘i 2021 Coronavirus Rental and Utility Assistance Program (CRUA)


Important Announcement

As of March 15, 2022, the County’s Coronavirus Rental and Utility Assistance Program (CRUA), administered by Kaua‘i Federal Credit Union, has successfully distributed approximately $20,000,000 in emergency rental assistance to Kaua‘i households suffering financial hardship due to the pandemic. This has been a tremendous infusion of much-needed assistance into the community.

CRUA assistance will pause for the month of April while CRUA transitions to a new funding source. New applications may be submitted during that time and will be reviewed, however rent and utility payments will not be processed until CRUA reopens in May. Applicants in our program do not need to reapply, and we will do our best to ensure your financial assistance will continue without disruption in May. Further, if you have recently applied, and are in process of finalizing your application, your application will continue to be processed and funded.

Kaua‘i expects to receive an initial distribution of $2.26M from the American Rescue Plan Act to continue funding the CRUA program, and it is likely Kaua‘i will receive additional funding after this initial $2.26 million is distributed. As the island transitions to post-pandemic times, renters across Kaua‘i are encouraged to develop sustainable plans for the payment of rent and utilities without CRUA assistance.

Residents who need assistance during the month of April (that have not received April benefits from CRUA) or in transitioning away from CRUA assistance are welcome to contact the Kaua‘i Financial Opportunity Center run by Hawaiian Community Assets. The Financial Opportunity Center has HUD-certified counselors who can work with residents to find financial solutions that fit their family, including grant and loan options.

Please refer to this FAQ for further questions.


Program Overview

Kaua‘i Federal Credit Union has been taking applications for the CRUA program since May 10, 2021 to assist the residents of Kauai and Niihau, who have demonstrated reduction in household income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with rent and utility assistance funding under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 which was enacted on December 27th, 2020. Through this program, almost 1600 households have received over $18.6M in rental assistance and almost $580K in utility assistance, fulfilling the program’s mission of providing housing stability on the Island of Kaua`i.

The moratorium which as been in place since April 2020 continued through to August 6, 2021. After August 6th, landlords may begin the process to evict tenants for non-payment of rent. The State of Hawaii Homelessness Initiative has a list of resources with regards to the eviction moratorium.  Legal Aid Hawaii also has additional resources, including “your right as a tenant” and “your right as a landlord”, so that you know your next steps moving forward.

See the Media & Resources tab for more information on what you should know as a tenant and as a landlord, and links to additional resources from our partners.

Calendar for Community Outreach

For in person online application assistance, please visit these locations on these dates and times.


In-person applications are for persons that need extra assistance to fill out their online applications. If you are able to access the internet and can sign on and apply on your own, we encourage that so that we respectfully reserve the space for those that need the help.

Mahalo for your cooperation.

**Personal face mask is required and practice safe social distancing. Please do not come if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

    • June 2022 - September 2022
      • Ho`o mana Thrift Store (4531 Kuamoo Road) Every first Wednesday of the month, 2pm-4pm until September of 2022
    • September 2021
      • 8th, 9am - 1pm:  Kapaa Skate Park Pavilion
      • 9th, 4pm - 7pm:  Kapaa Skate Park Pavilion
      • 18th, 2pm – 5pm: Ho`omana Thrift Store (4531 Kuamoo Road)
    • August 2021
      • 16th, 9am - 1pm:  Hanapepe Neighborhood Center
      • 17th, 9am - 1pm: Kaua‘i Federal Credit Union Kilauea Branch (2555 Ala Namahana Pkwy, Suite 801)
      • 18th, 9am - 1pm:  Kalaheo Neighborhood Center
      • 19th, 9am - 1pm:  The Hanalei Initiative (Kuhio Hwy, Suite E-205 in Hanalei)
    • July 2021
      • 15th, 9am - 1pm:  The Hanalei Initiative (Kuhio Hwy, Suite E-205 in Hanalei)
      • 26th, 9am - 1pm:  Pi‘ikoi Building in Lihue
    • May 2021
      • 11th, 9am - 3pm:  Pi‘ikoi Building in Lihue
      • 19th, 9am - 3pm:  Waimea Neighborhood Center
      • 26th, 9am - 3pm: Kaua‘i Federal Credit Union Kilauea Branch (2555 Ala Namahana Pkwy, Suite 801)
      • 27th, 5pm - 7pm:  Lihue Neighborhood Center
        • Pacific Islander Intake Assistance
        • Translators will be on site to assist
      • 29th, 9am - 1pm Pi‘ikoi Building in Lihue

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