Documents & Forms

All applications require the following documentation completed by the respective person(s). Applicants, ensure you give your landlord time to complete the forms and turn them in as soon as possible.  Landlords may submit the forms directly to [email protected]. Please reference name of Applicant in the subject line.

Required Documentation

  1. Proof of applicant identification
    • Hawaii Driver’s License or State ID, or
    • Valid government issued ID
  2. Proof applicant is a renter in Kaua‘i County - This program is only for renters. Homeowners are not eligible. Examples include:
    • Valid and current lease/rental agreement
    • Copy of recently expired lease/rental agreement if landlord approved month-to-month tenancy
    • Screenshot of rental management agency's payment portal with rental amount.
  3. Proof of applicant and household income. Examples include:
    • Most recent tax returns (2021 preferred)
    • 2 most recent pay stubs (if employed)
    • Unemployment letter
    • Other documents such as social security benefit letter, financial assistance statement, retirement statement, disability statement, etc.
    • Self-Certification of Income Form (provided by Intake Specialist as last resort if no other income documentation available)
  4. Lease/Utility Bills (if requested assistance)
    • Utility bills
      • The CRUA program will pay past due utility bills and current bills
      • Please be sure to allow timely payment of utilities by submitting current bills right away
      • Monthly bills are required to be submitted for the entire duration you wish to receive funding. We can’t pay utility bills prospectively
    • Past due rental notices
      • You do not have to be past due to receive assistance
      • We can fund up to 3 months ahead at a time based on your circumstances
    • A W-9 tax form from your landlord if rent aid is requested.
      • We will request these forms directly from your landlord if you are not able to submit them. Property managers do not need to supply a W-9 tax form.
      • Vendor Verification Form (VVF) completed and signed by the landlord/property owner.
    • Please refer below page for a downloadable copy of the W-9 and VVF. If your landlord is unable, unavailable, or unwilling to submit the required landlord forms, this will not be cause for denial of aid. We encourage you to apply to the best of your ability and contact us with any questions or documentation issues.
  5. Please note: rental payment history between landlord/Property Manager may be requested based on the length of lease and the relationship between tenant and landlord. Below are acceptable forms of documentation to validate payment pattern.
    • For applicants, bank statements showing the withdrawals of monthly rent amount to show a pattern of payments.
    • For landlords, bank statements showing deposits of monthly rent amounts into their accounts, to show pattern.
    • Venmo/PayPal payments to landlord, bank transfers etc. Any electronic payment method.
    • Money order receipts, Western Union and Money Gram receipts are accepted.
    • Check deposits with landlord name in pay to order of.
    • Deposit slips from a financial institution showing rent amount being deposited.
    • Handwritten documents/receipts will not be accepted as a form of payment history verification.



All Self-Certification forms are available only through discussions with an Intake Specialist and only after all options for documentation are exhausted.

  • Self-Certification of Income Verification Form (Only required if no income documentation is available)
  • Self-Declaration of Housing Instability 
  • Self-Certification of Significant Increase Cost or Expense 

Landlord/Property Manager

  • Vendor Verification Form (Required for all landlords and property managers. Please let us know if your landlord does not want to participate)
  • W-9 (Only required for landlords. Please let us know if your landlord does not want to participate)
  • Landlord and Housing Attestation (if no formal lease)


** Recertification for additional assistance (required if previously funded):

Based on funding availability, and how many benefit months you have received, you may continue to receive additional rents and/or utility funding. A Recertification form is required each time you recertify for at least 3 month of funding.

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